Jennifer Morehead

Product Design

IxD 360

This course provides a hands-on introductory experience to the history,contemporary methodologies, and emerging practices of Product Design. This studio teaches students to think through "making" and includes in-class workshops on 3D modeling and rapid-prototyping. Students cross design disciplines and toolsets, using 3Dforms to solve problems, act out new capabilities, and connect to other devices, objects and people. The projects in this course are fast-paced, collaborative, and experimental.


Richard Schuler


February 16 – June 15, 2021


Writer, Researcher, Designer


Pencil, Procreate, Fusion 360

“The fi rst thing a student needs to understand is that lines do not really exist in nature, yet lines and edges are primarily what designers rely on to sketch ideas. There are no lines in fl owers or fruit or faces or fi sh, only outlines and edges, both of which change as the object or the viewer moves.”

Kevin Henry

Drawing for Product Designers

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