Jennifer Morehead

My Tribe

Helping Families Stay Connected


As a parent, the struggle of managing and sharing information regarding my son with my family is persistent. My goal was to explore better solutions than the current organizational tools with parents and families in mind. The result was shared mobile platform for families called My Tribe.


Research, UX, Prototype, Mobile Design


January 03, 2019 – February 10, 2019


Survey Monkey, Illustrator, InVision, Prezi


We have observed that in families of school-age children, one parent knows most of the child related scheduling and information, while the other does not. This can lead to stress and inefficiency when sharing family duties.

How might we allow them to share and access information to alleviate their stress and let them focus on family?


Personal Interviews and Digital Surveys

“ I wish my parents could know when my kids’ sports games are without having to call them all the time.”

Claire: Writer, Mom of 3

“ I make a hard copy of all our son's information for my wife

Brian: Sales, Dad of 2

What influences your decisions most?

Survey of 20 parents with school-age children

Competitive & Comparative Solutions

  • Only a few lesser known direct competitors currently exist
  • Primary features included shared calendars, grocery lists and meal or recipe planners
  • Digital calendars are the most used by individuals and families
  • Limited to events sharing
  • Not easily shared across platforms


Typically one parent knows the majority of the child-related information. This can be stressful and inefficient when coordinating family schedules and managing other family tasks. With time as a primary influence, the solution should not require much user input and effort.


Provide a shared mobile hub for family members to share to easily coordinate schedules, share information and stay organized.

Target Audience

  • Age 30-45
  • Parents of school-age children
  • Actively involved with children's scheduling

Parents are already struggling to manage work, responsibilites of daily living, and caring for their children. They often need to share responsibilites. Having no seamless way for all family members to be in-sync adds stress on top.


I used card sorting to determine an app flow that felt intuitive and streamlined. Creating a home dashboard allows the user to quickly see a snapshot of their most useful information.

Visual Development

I chose a warm color to represent the feeling of family. The typeface is the iOS system font, San Francisco. Icons are minimal to keep the UI focused and uncluttered.

Primary Features

All primary features are accessible by the main navigation with easy access through the home dashboard as well.


Rachel schedules a playdate for her daughter when picking her up from school. MyTribe has easily accessible calendars for each family member.

After school, Rachel takes her daughter to sign up for gymnastics lessons. She needs the pediatrician information to fill out the forms.

Before heading home, Rachel wants to get an idea for dinner the next week. She finds a recipe, adds the ingredients to the grocery list so her husband can pick them up later, then adds the meal to the calendar.


Try Prototype

"It takes a tribe to raise a human"

-Yuval Noah Harari


My Tribe offers a shared experience for families to stay organized and access important information about their children quickly and easily. I think this idea can be expanded to include grandparent profiles where adults are sharing caregiver responsibilities. The biggest challenge with this concept would be to get users to input initial information. Designing a process that helps users onboard quickly would be important to user engagement.