Jennifer Morehead

Go Griffith

Know Before You Go

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The challenge for this project was to focus on a specific location in the city to determine how we could improve mobility in a post COVID LA. Our team chose Griffith Park, a public outdoor space to focus on how usage of the park had been affected since the onset of the pandemic. Natural spaces have had significant importance physical and mental well-being during this global crisis, and we wanted to see how we could help people have safe access to them.


Team Lead, Prototype Design, Motion Design, UX Research & Testing


Joey Fonacier, Cianna Robinson, Ruben Montanez


August 28 – December 17, 2020


Adobe Aero, XD, After Effects, Illustrator

The Problem

What does safe mean during COVID-19? Griffith Park is one of the largest city parks in the United States. During the pandemic, outdoor spaces like Griffith Park have become treasured destinations for Los Angelinos. However, with such social limitations in place, the park saw soaring numbers of visitors, occasionally having to turn people away.

The Concept

Go Griffith provides crowd density information for the visitors of Griffith Park to make informed decisions and enjoy nature safely. Users can browse location information, pin locations and be notified of changes, view real-time metrics based on camera data, and experience crowd density simulations.


Case study to come. View process blog here